We will present in this first subject of Best Digital Practices, how great football clubs are developing their strategies of Digital Marketing and Design. This will be our first analysis, the German team Bayern Munich. What is the level of Digital Maturity that football clubs in Europe present, it is clear that Bayern is one of the biggest Best Practice in the sports market.


The analysis is focused on how the club’s website was developed, how they developed e-commerce, and how the brand was positioned in digital media.

Complete presentation:


Bayern Munich Digital Marketing and E-commerce Analysis from Rafael Rodrigo Leitão


It is clear that Bayer does not have an easy life, after all its competitors (Leverkusen, Borussia, Schalk04) have digital strategies with the same good practices, which everyone has in common: GREAT browsing experience and design.




Compared to sites of competitors such as Borussia and Leverkusen, Munich has the best number of hits, with a good results index (kpis) of Bounce Rate (45%), Visits by Pages (4.93) and Length of stay (3 : 14), it looks even better when compared to other clubs and leagues. Best case and digital results among clubs around the world.


The Club has the best brand recall on Google, not counting on the best performance of number of users on the website, e-commerce and followers on social networks, all strengthens the club’s “digital power” to position its brand .


To see the full presentation and to understand better how we analyzed Bayern Munich, download the presentation of the case in PDF.


Analysis developed without commercial interest, with the purpose of studying and academic, in order to share the model of evaluation of digital maturity of the clubs. It does not represent the club’s vision and has no confidential information, all are data open.

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